Jazz tower

After Parachinar war(Shia tribals VS taliban and their supporters), we the Shia community are facing all the problems like blockage of roads, food providing facilities, medicines, transport, education and Media.The Government of Pakistan( Father of Taliban) block our Media, like mobile, internet, and land line telephone signals since 2007. So the question is raised that why they are doing so. The answer is that , they want to bowed down the TURI tribals in front of taliban terrorists warrior but we will not bow our heads. they can not bow down our heads. So it is a protest against Pakistani Government that ” Run our media signals, start the Jazz and Telenor towers, and Open our Roads immediately. Other wise you ( Government + taliban) will face too many problems”.

It is the Cry of the Whole TURI nation……….

TURI tribals Protest in Islamabad

Telenor tower

Markazi Imam Bargah

Parachinar city view


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